The Burleson Hospital
531 Greenwood Ave S.E.

East Grand Rapids
Phone# 5-9177
(circa 1940)


Circa 1943

Circa 2014


The Hospital moved to East Grand Rapids in 1937. The hospital itself was built behind the former property of Dr. Fred Burleson and his wife Katherine. The house itself became the Hospital office the buildings still stand today. For directions to the hospital, circa 1940's click here, for a map, here.

On December 17,  1938 the Sanitarium officially changed its name to the Burleson Hospital ,Inc. At this time Willard M. Burleson M.D. and his brother John (Jack) S. Burleson M.D. were the primary physicians at the Hospital. With the tragic death of Willard in a plane crash in 1940, Dr. Jack Burleson took other the operations of the Hospital as President and Treasurer, his wife Gayle is listed as the Vice President of the Corporation.

The Hospital continued operation in this location until the death of Dr. Burleson in 1968. The building is still in existence and is currently used as an office building.