The Depression Years

1928 -1937

The Sanitarium moved to new quarters in 1927. They announced the move with ads in national magazines and with brochures (pictured below)

Oral history tells us that the Doctor's where tired with the administration of the Hotel part of the business, and that they wanted to focus on the medical practice. Of course it is impossible to say now, but at this time Dr. Ward Ferguson, Dr Lynn Ferguson and Dr. James Droste left the Sanitarium to start their own hospital aptly named Ferguson-Droste-Ferguson, in Grand Rapids.

The Sanitarium took the entire 12th floor of the Morton House hotel, and while the brochure pictures a giant sign outside the hotel. The only sign that where is physical evidence for is this one:

Tour the Morton House !

In  1937,due to declining business, the Sanitarium left the Morton house, and opened the Burleson Hospital in East Grand Rapids.